With our boats, qualified and experienced personnel sail to the largest natural reserve of Sea Lions in South America, in front of the oceanic beaches of Punta del Este 12 km from the coast, it is the southernmost territory of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

The tour to Isla de Lobos lasts approximately 2 hours, it takes about 40 minutes to get to the reserve, we spend about 40 minutes sailing around the island and another 40 minutes back.

On the island live wolves and sea lions ALL YEAR, and eventually some sea elephant.

It is not allowed the descent to the island, it is a seafront, although our experience doing these walks, and our boats accordingly, allow us that once on the island we can stop 15 minutes in the area with more animals in the water to swim with them from the boat with total safety.

On board our boats, we have Wi-Fi internet service, a submersible camera at your disposal, life jackets and mineral water at no cost.

Collectively we go out daily at 12:00 with a cost of US$ 50 (50 US Dollars) per person, and US$ 30 (30 US Dollars) for children under 10 years old.

It is necessary to reserve your place, the reservation can be made by telephone, by the web or by e-mail.

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We are throughout the year to your pleasing orders at Local 1A Puerto Punta del Este Tel.: 094 410 899 y 4244 4750

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